Mod Teen Boy’s Room One Room Challenge Week 2

Modern Teen Boys Room

I have been busy planning and thinking and looking a lot. If you missed week 1 you can catch up HERE But I have only done 2 things. I took the before pictures, I’m counting it!!! I also ordered the new woven wood shade from Blindsgalore. I am really thrilled about this because his current one is broken, I’ll show you in a minute.

I just love the warm tones and variation in the wood. It is THIS ONE in the color Antigua Tiki.

Woven Wood Shade Blindsgalore
Bali woven wood shade from Blindsgalore

Let’s make it 3 things because I also got the paint out of the garage, hahaha!!! I’m really stretching it now.

We picked the color Urban Oasis by Valspar in the spring when I did my first One Room Challenge  It was a buy one get one free paint sale at ACE hardware. How could I let that pass me by? We still haven’t changed our minds on the color, but I have never actually tried it out on the wall. So that is in the works for tomorrow.

Mod Teen Boys Room So as you can see, we are going dark again. I haven’t decided how many walls. I’m just going to figure it out as I go. Cute little it turns out, Garrett is color blind. I had no idea how bad until we were trying to find a color. So many things just looked gray to him. But this one he loved because the color read true to him. A deep bluish green he called it. I love it too!! I really hope the one we have is the winner.

Now just in case you think that I’m making it up about how badly his room needs a makeover, let’s start with the shade that we have been holding up with one of his crutches. I am happy to say that he hasn’t needed his crutches since his last episode in February. Garrett has Lyme Disease and you can read our story HERE img_4558modern-teen-boys-room-before

I didn’t edit any of these pics or even clean his room first. It was cute at one time but it isn’t anymore. It’s a beat up, cluttered and dusty mess.img_4552modern-teen-boys-room-before

This bedroom furniture never got the makeover that I had intended when I bought it off of Craigslist. Oh well we are moving on!!
img_4554modern-teen-boys-room-before img_4555modern-teen-boys-room-before img_4556modern-teen-boys-room-before img_4559modern-teen-boys-room-before

But let’s talk about this door for a minute. My husband and I went away for the weekend and this happened even though they were being watched. They both have the same story and they are sticking to it. It was an accident and I guess it could have happened. Oh boys, you gotta love em!!img_4569modern-teen-boys-room-beforeNext week I will share my plans, let you know how the paint worked out and have my to-do list ready. I have started a Pinterest board that shows the direction I’m going HERE I hope to share progress updates on my Instagram stories HERE You can also subscribe to my mailing list at the top of this post.

If you eat this kind of stuff up like I do be sure to follow the progress of the other participants by following this link and scrolling to the end of the post.
One Room Challenge Guest Participants Week 2


4 thoughts on “Mod Teen Boy’s Room One Room Challenge Week 2

  1. Hey, getting paint out of the garage COMPLETELY counts as progress! The shade colour is gorgeous and so is the teal you’ve chosen. I can’t wait to see the final result, I know it’s going to be amazing. Garrett will love his cool new room!

  2. I love the color you chose for the room! Can’t wait to see your plan this week, I’m sure it will be something amazing!


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