Reasons to Choose a Sectional Sofa

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa

Should I choose a sectional or a sofa? Will I regret buying a sectional? All good questions and I can’t wait to answer them! But first I have to tell you that when Julie of Redhead Can Decorate invited me to join her and some other fabulous bloggers to share my sofa all styled up you can’t imagine my excitement. I’m humbled to be in company with such talented ladies. You will find their links at the end (and you won’t want to miss them.) You came to hear about sofas, so let’s get to it!! 

Reasons To Choose A Sectional

If you are here for the first time, welcome and thank you for stopping by. If you have been with me for a while now you may remember when I participated in my first One Room Challenge in the Spring of 2016. You can see the big reveal of my Glamily Room HERE

I got my new sectional for that makeover. I have lived with it for 9 months now, which has given me plenty of time to either love it or hate it. Spoiler Alert: I love it!!!

Reasons To Choose A Sectional SofaOne of House Beautiful’s projected trends for 2016 was the Glamily Room. A room that could be lived in and enjoyed without sacrificing style. I knew that was exactly what I needed to keep myself happy and my family comfortable. A stream lined modern sectional would do just that, I chose the Radley Sectional in Chrome and it’s on sale right now!!!!!

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Let’s talk about why I was considering a sectional in the first place:

My home is on the smaller side at 1600 sq ft. We have only one living space and it is long and narrow and honestly quite awkward. My house lacks an entry way. So you walk straight into the living room. See what I mean? Long and narrow. The front door is to the left just outside of this frame.

This is what you see from the front door. The sectional allows me to have a lot of seating without the clutter of multiple pieces of furniture and it does make it seem bigger.

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa

I also have two teenage boys that are getting bigger and bigger each day. I think I can see them growing. I had an average size sofa and a chair previously. We would sit down to watch a movie and we would have to be lined up in a row, NO LOUNGING. We would all dive for the chair because if you got stuck on the sofa you were fighting for your personal space. When I say fight, I mean that literally. Then movie night would end up in some kind of….”you’re grounded for the rest of your life” scenario. We needed more room!!!! In comes the sectional that saved movie night!

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa

Reasons To Choose A Sectional:

  • They come in designer approved styles now and are available in many different configurations
  • They fill a long narrow room
  • They provide maximum seating in a small space
  • They can double as sleeping space if you choose one with deep seating
  • You can get a chaise lounge on one end of the couch to make the poofy recliner loving member of the family happy (a.k.a. DAD)
  • They hold a lot of throw pillows….that’s a real reason
  • They make a space comfortable, casual, inviting and family friendly

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa

Do I regret my choice?: No!! I do not regret choosing a sectional at all! For my house and my family it was the perfect choice!

I was worried that I would get sick of not being able to move my furniture around…I still love it almost a year later.

I was also worried that it would be too prominent in the room…That is an easy fix with accessories which brings us to……..

How I style my sectional:

I add multiple throw blankets in different patterns and textures which look good and are perfect for naps…which I do on the daily and I’m not ashamed.
Throw pillows are my best friend ….not so much my husband’s but he’ll get over it–eventually. Hopefully. Probably. Maybe?

In fact I want more….these to be exact.

My pillow wish list:

Faux Fur Leopard Print Euro Pillow Sham
Ivory Faux Fur Eyelash Pillow  I use pillows and blankets in the corners to visually break it up and add interest. I have fun with them and change them out with the seasons, which, provides the change that I crave. I purchased the buffalo check ones from Amazon for $6.99 each!! They are linked below.

Turns out that we actually use the pillows for our backs because the seats are deep. So we don’t just keep them around for their good looks, they’re useful!!!

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I also paired the sectional with a large leather ottoman, that I scored on Craigslist, so all those big feet have a cozy perch. At first I wasn’t sure if the tray would function well for holding drinks but it has worked out very well. I would suggest using a tray with a flat bottom for stability.

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Reasons-To-Choose-A-Sectional

I am still searching for the perfect rug. Maybe at the one year mark I will find it!

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa

After it’s all said and done I am happy to have a stylish room that I love, that is family friendly and makes movie night non-combative… a true Glamily Room.

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23 thoughts on “Reasons to Choose a Sectional Sofa

  1. Hi, I hope u read this I no its 12/10/17! Lol. I need to no where u got ur cognac ottoman? U inspired me to redo my new lake house in ivory and cognac and blue walls !!!! OMG . Please tell me the dimensions too. Thank u .

    1. Hello Joany!! I love that you are going to try it. A lake house sounds amazing!!! I am so sorry but I bought the ottoman second hand and they didn’t know where it was from. The dimensions are 36in x 48in. It is the perfect size with this sectional. I hope you find one!!!

  2. It’s kismet. My timing in finding your blog & this post. We just revamped our living room seating ourselves. Granted, ours was thrifted & hand me down finds, not the lovely new version you selected. I digress though, a sectional for a growing family is the bomb! We had a very long couch & several chairs for our family of 7. Eldest is 20, the youngest is 3 & we are so content with our new living room arrangement. Everyone can hang our together & have some personal space finally when desired. Eventually our passed down sectional will be replaced with a high quality version. This really was the perfect solution though in our interim of figuring out what really works in the challenging room.

    We also have a bowling alley space to work with. Ours turns into a short L into the small dining room & came equipped with a bay window on the longest wall & a fireplace on the short one. Ordinarily very lovely focal points. However, their odd placement added to a small foyer off the corner adjacent to the bay window & another entryway (into a hall) opposite the fireplace, has made this probably the most challenging room I’ve ever had the pleasure of figuring out. We now have a pair of roomy chairs sharing a floor lamp & end table in the bay window & a teepee with a quilt floor in the corner between the bay & the fireplace for the lils.

    Our sectional doesn’t fully tuck into the corner neatly (traffic pattern obstacles). I have a couple sets of BH&G cube cubbies with bins behind the side near the hall & foyer entry points. It acts as really long sofa table & doubles as storage for reading materials, etc. We’ve opted to delay placing a coffee table/ottoman. The plush gray shag rug is still very much prime real estate for our 3 & 7 year olds, especially during playdates. However, one day I’ll get my lovely leather sectional with ottoman & round glass dining table. A girl has to dream after all.

  3. We got a brown leather sectional 3 years ago that we still love. It really makes the best of our somewhat long and narrow family room.

  4. I just changed from an awkward sofa and chair setup to a sectional and it was the best decision I’ve made my house! Completely agree about it making a small awkward space feel cozy and comfortable. As far as the rug, agonized over what to get since I have a dog, a boyfriend who forgets to take off his shoes to come inside, and a cat that likes to scratch anything on the floor. Iwound up getting Flor carpet tiles in their Lilting style. It has a white background with beautiful colored and textured pattern throughout. And the only reason I even dared to go white is because they’re super easy to clean. So far so good. I’ve been able to clean away mud, coffee and orange juice with soap and water. And even if the cat scratches them, the scratches blend in really well with the textured looping. After 6months with them the rug still looks brand new! It’s amazing.

  5. My living room is JUST like yours with the front door next to a large window and the sloped ceiling… It’s the same room. So basically the way you have beautifully decorated is now going to serve as a lovely model as we are currently revamping our space! 🙂 So thank you for this post, the entire room looks amazing! We are actively looking for a sectional just like this so its so nice to see how lovely it will look in the space (and hoping I can just get the same, haha). I have a question about the lighting actually as with sloped ceilings it can be so hard. I really like how you’ve hung (draped?) the light with the rounded white shade just over the sectional – Do you use the light/for what purposes? Can you make any recommendations on how to approach lighting in the space? Thank you SO much!

    1. Tess you have no idea how happy this makes me. I love that this helped you envision your space. I am very happy with the setup now, I think that you will love it. As far as lighting. I have read that a triangle of lighting is the best way to illuminate a room. So…I have a floor lamp by the door, the hanging pendant, and then the chandelier and the lamps on the piano in the other corner. The lighting points make a triangle. The hanging shade works really well to light up the corner. I got the rope swag kit from World market and the large shade from IKEA. I hope you come back to tell me what you decided on!!

  6. We just bought the Astra sectional from Macy’s, in Oatmeal. It i identical to yours except with rolled arms. We got the sectional and storage ottoman. We love ours too.

  7. Jessica,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your post today. I visited for the first time today because your “beautiful sofa” was the one that I was the most drawn to. I love that your room is more on the masculine side and not overly fussy. I too have two growing teenage sons as well as a nine y.o. boy, so anything too girly would be immediately rejected. Also, I was very relieved to find that perhaps I’m not crazy after all! Apparently fighting over couch space and the “unsharable chair”, and a husband who loves his recliner but doesn’t understand throw pillows are not not exclusive to my house. 🙂 Whew! So glad I’m not the only crazy lady that grounds her kids “for the rest of their lives”. May the Lord bless you greatly for saving my sanity!

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