I am a wife of almost 20 years and a mom to two teen boys. I have always loved being a stay at home mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Some of my best memories are watching the kids play in the yard while talking decor over coffee with my friends and sisters. I can best be described as simple. I love rustic family style meals served straight from the pan in a room filled with laughter. There is beauty in simplicity and in nature and I fill my home with both. I’m delighted to be able to share little bits of my world with you here.

As much as I would love to pour myself into creating and redesigning everything around me, I am grounded by practicality. Food is my medicine, design is my passion, but balance is my sanity. So everyday I strive to balance doing the things I love while caring for the ones I love. My son and I have Chronic Lyme Disease. So my recipes will be slanted toward gluten free, Paleo, the GAPS diet and of course the occasional cheat. My home is ordinary but with a few changes I have made it my own. I will always choose to work with what I’ve got and I will buy second hand over new. It’s never really done, and I will share highlights of my journey. My hope is that you feel welcome, encouraged, inspired and will come back again.honeynhydrangea


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