A Trip To The Farmers Market

farmer's marketI absolutely love going to my local organic farmers market. It just gives me all the feel good vibes. I have a farmers market near me that is in such a great location. It’s at an old school-house that is still in use and it is being renovated. It’s nestled in the orange groves in the middle of Redlands, CA. That’s why it’s called The Grove. It’s not often that I have a free Saturday morning but when I do I march myself right down there and stock up on the beautiful organic produce.

The farmers are there to talk and answer questions. Three sisters farm is wonderful, I get excited when I see their canopy set up! The produce was usually just picked from the farm that morning and it still has dirt on it. The best!!


This time I filled my market basket to the brim with bundles of beautiful herbs, lettuces, oranges, avocados, and eggs. With these perfecto ingredients I made my all time favorite Orange and Avocado Salad with a Balsamic Honey Citrus Vinaigrette

Produce is so beautiful. I set my things on the counter when I got home and they looked amazing just like that, so I snapped away. It was so crowded at the farmers market location that I couldn’t get any pics while I was there. Maybe next time.

I have a confession. This is my first time using a DSLR camera. My husband got it for me for our 20th anniversary last month. I took these pics a couple of Saturdays ago and I am just now figuring out how to get the pics to this point so that I could write this. It will be fun to see how my pictures change as I learn how to use the thing. I just pushed buttons until the pic was the right color. Not kidding!! So this is it… my trial run!!

IMG_0124 IMG_0139IMG_0134

I have a fun little gardening project that I did with these eggs shells, besides the fabulous omelette that they made (my husband dubbed it the bomblette). I’ll share that project in a couple of days also.

One more first for me was drying the dill weed by hanging it upside down. After a week I crumbled the whispy leaves and have them stored in a ziploc bag. It worked perfectly! I already used it to make a batch of ranch dressing. It was delicious.

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I enjoyed sharing these pics with you. Look for the recipe and the project in the next couple of days. Thanks for visiting today. Tell me below where your favorite farmers market is, who knows I could be in the area someday and need a fix!


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  1. You’ve made me a believer! The Grove Farmers Market sounds like a place I want to visit very soon and since I’m often in that area of Redlands on a Saturday morning, I will! Your pics of the produce are luscious! Yum!


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