Repairing a Dented Canvas Painting



It’s time for another Tips on Tuesday. This is one of my favorite tips because…

Vintage oil paintings are among my favorite things to hunt for at thrift stores. They add a collected sophistication to a home.

Have you ever passed on one because the canvas was dented like this one?

I have passed on many, I can still remember each one and wish that I had known about this trick. I took my chance on this dented seascape after I talked them down to $15 because it was so moody and beautiful to me.

I had to search many forums to find an answer but ultimately it was an easy fix.

A spray bottle of warm water and a blow dryer. Done and Done!!

Here’s what you do:

  • Spray the back of the canvas where the dent is with warm water until saturated
  • Dry it with a blow dryer
  • Repeat the process until the dent has shrunk and the canvas has retained its original shape
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for being a savvy shopper
  • If you feel that you have a valuable piece I would suggest consulting a professional first. I’m just a professional thrifter.


Ta Da….. 

It’s fixed, no more dent!

This particular painting had a frame which was a huge plus. It was hideous though, so I painted it a flat black and off white then rubbed the edges with steel wool.


Repairing-a-dented-canvas-painting 470

Now I have a huge vintage sea scape that I love and it cost me a whopping $15. It moves all around my house depending on my mood!  Here is a glimplse of it in the living room that I shared on Instagram and then it moved to the dining room with a lantern and some driftwood.





repairing-a-dented-canvas-paintingPin this image for future reference and then you will be ready when you find that perfect painting and you’ll be able to bring it back to life.

Let me know if this works for you. I would be so curious to hear about it!!

I would love to share your tips too…

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