Remove Candle Wax From Fabric

386 It’s been a bit since I shared a Tips on Tuesday. With the One Room Challenge out of the way I needed to catch up on some things and one of those was laundering a bag of linens. I panicked when I saw my favorite linen runner in there. I had totally forgot that it suffered a vicious attack with candle wax. Please don’t judge me, but it happened in January when I did my Winter Table Scape The jeans and T-shirts just won’t stop coming!!! With that said…… Today’s tip is How To Remove Candle Wax From Fabric

I put it aside not knowing what to do with it. Since it had been so long I was worried that it was a goner. Well it was easier than I expected and it came out beautifully!!!!

What You Need:

  • Paper Towel and/or a paper bag
  • An Iron
  • OxiClean

Here’s What You Do:

  • Scrape off any large pieces of wax
  • Turn iron on hottest setting
  • Lay down a paper bag or piece of paper towel
  • Set the affected area over the paper
  • Place another layer of paper over the top
  • Iron
  • Once the area is saturated move the fabric to a clean spot on the paper
  • Repeat until there is no more wax coming off onto the paper
  • Spray with OxiClean and wash under very hot water

This is what I started with:

IMG_1712removing candle wax IMG_1714removing candle wax The one good thing about using a paper bag is that it is easy to see the transferred wax…I used a combination of paper towels and the paper bag.IMG_1715removing candle wax It is a bit hard to see but after I finished the ironing I was left with what looked like a grease stain. Then I washed it with the OxiClean and ran it through the washing machine.Removing-Candle-Wax-From-Fabric

I am happy to say that it came out fantastic and will be used for many more years to come!!

So don’t sign off linens that are ruined by candle wax because they are not ruined at all!! Pin this for future reference!!!




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  1. I think everyone has faced this problem at some time, excellent tips!


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