Spray Painting Ceramics

spray-painting-ceramicsSpray painting ceramics? It is so easy. I mean this opens the door to so many DIY projects from table lamps to vases like these. I am going to tell you the steps that I took. But first I want to welcome you to another round of Thrifted & Relifted. We will share our projects with you (links at the end of the post) and we want you to share yours with us!!! Link up and share your thrifty finds that got a makeover!!! Any makeover goes. We will feature one of your projects next month on the 15th. You can also share on Instagram and use the hashtag #thriftedandrelifted

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Painting Ceramics:

I had these urns sitting around for a long time. So this project cost 10 dollars and that was the cost of spray paint. These colors were all the rage circa 2004 but not so much anymore. I still loved the shape of them so I decided to paint them all white and just see how they turned out.

Well…..I love them. I am going to have fun finding different ways to use them.


What You Need:

  • spray paint in color of choice in a satin finish
  • extra fine steel wool

spray-painting-ceramics IMG_2577white pottery

What You Do:

  • wipe off all dust (on the inside too) when you spray it blows the dust right in your face and all over the wet paint!! Yes that happened to me not once but twice.
  • spray a very, very light coat
  • use fine steel wool to sand any imperfections in between coats
  • continue painting with very thin coats until it is covered, it took several.

I did a test spot first. I sprayed a light coat on one of the shiny vases and waited a few days. Then I did the scratch test with my nail. It adhered so I went for it.

After my first coat there were many imperfections as you can see in the pics. But I sanded them down and they turned out great after several coats.

*Don’t mind the dark pics, it was so hot that day that I had to wait till evening to paint.

IMG_2572white pottery

IMG_2573white pottery spray-painting-ceramics

Drips were inevitable!! (well for me they were…impatient!!!) I found that you can wipe them off immediately with your finger then apply a LIGHT spray over the area.

I just love them now. I get to enjoy the shape of them in a color that I like.

IMG_2594white pottery

One of them had the prettiest seafoam green inside. I wanted to keep that so I masked it off. When I took the tape off I gave the line a little rub of steel wool to make it more realistic.

IMG_2571white pottery spray-painting-ceramics

I can’t wait to style these and show you where I used them in my summer home refresh…..coming soon to a blog near you.


Pin this for later because there are so many possibilities now that we both know it works. From table lamps to vases and in every color you can buy a can of spray paint. My head is spinning!


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8 thoughts on “Spray Painting Ceramics

  1. I didn’t know if I would really like the look of all white but, I saw these in your house and realize I actually love this look. Clean, crisp and fresh!! This is such a good idea to brighten up almost any room. Good job!

  2. Why have I never thought of this!!!?? I am definitely on the lookout at flea markets for ceramics now! I come across patterned ones all the time and pass on them. LOVE how these turned out!

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