Rosemary Corn Off The Cob


rosemary-cornIt doesn’t matter how many times I cook corn on the cob. I always find myself asking… how long to boil corn? Do I take it out before it rolls or after??? I also find the corn silk all over my kitchen for days, my husband calls me Messy Jessy.  Now I just save myself all of that trouble and name calling and just make Rosemary Corn Off The Cob. This recipe is delicious and is such an easy side dish.  Bonus…. it is good for any season and inexpensive. 

rosemary-cornI am pretty blessed to be from a family of good cooks.This recipe is my sister’s creation and we all fell for it and make it when we BBQ. My mom has so many dishes that are always requested like her meatballs. It is my goal to nail her down to a recipe yet!!! She is the throw in a one more pinch should do it type!!! Getting side tracked…… back to why you’re here……Rosemary Corn Off The Cob


What You Need:

  • 2 bags of frozen sweet corn
  • 3 tablespoons of salted butter …you can’t have too much!!!
  • 3-4 sprigs of fresh snipped rosemary

What You Do:

  • melt the butter in the pan..I use a cast iron skillet like this ONE
  • add the frozen sweet corn and cook till it’s heated through


  • stir in the freshly snipped rosemary right before serving to keep its bright green color ~ follow this link to find out The Perfect Way To Cut Rosemary
  • sit back and enjoy…and don’t tell anyone how easy it is!!!

IMG_2431rosemary corn rosemary corn 7 rosemary corn 5 rosemary corn 4

It is the perfect summer accompaniment to good BBQ like these ribs, they were soo yum. My sister wrapped them really tight in foil after working in a dry rub and baked them at 300 for a few hours. Then we slathered them in BBQ sauce and grilled them to perfection.


rosemary corn 6 rosemary-corn

I love to serve on these Rectangular Plates from Pier 1 they just make things seem a little more special.



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  1. Hi Jessica. I’m so glad you invited me to visit! This corn looks totally Delish. The photos are amazing. Hope you don’t mind if I go snooping around for other fun posts! Lol… Susie from The Chelsea Project


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