Why You Should Use Books In Your Decor


Welcome to our blog hop all about decorating with books. Creating an inviting home that has warmth and personality is something that we strive to accomplish when decorating our houses, I know that I do. What I have found time and again is that it is all about layers. One of my favorite layers to add in is books and I’m not alone. I am joining in a group of talented ladies who also love to use books when styling their homes.  At the end of this post you will find each link, so don’t miss out.The ideas are going to be flowing!! Here is a sneak peek….


Why You Should Use Books in Your Decor…

A few of these pictures I took recently after I added fall touches to my house and I hope that you come back tomorrow when I share more pictures of my house dressed up for fall in my Moody Fall Home Tour. If you would like to receive my latest posts so that you don’t miss it, you can subscribe HERE at the top of this post.

These are a few of the reasons that I add books to almost every room in my home….

  • They add height variation and can be used to break up items on a horizontal surface

3688-decorating-with-booksDecorating-with-books img_3953decorating_with-booksDecorating-with-books

  • I use them to dress up the coffee table or ottoman in my case

img_3829a-moody-fall-home-tour img_3406a-moody-fall-home-tour

This is from spring when the peonies were blooming, sigh!!!


  • Finally to add some texture and color


See how I made that terrarium out of a dated light fixture HERE

It looks right at home on a stack of vintage books, don’t you love the titles?


Vintage books are my favorite and they are usually easy to find for very cheap like these encyclopedias from the 50’s that I recently found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for .25 cents each.


I used to be drawn to the brightly colored books to decorate with but now I am leaning to the neutrals and blacks. So I have collected some different books over the last few weeks. I just love the one with the black spine.

Decorating-with-booksOne day I even want to read some of them, ha ha ha. I want to start with this one..The Mafioso because it reminds me of my Italian mom. We call her mafia mom and yes, she had an Uncle Vinny.Decorating-with-books


Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy browsing through these ladies beautiful pictures…… ENJOY!!!

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23 thoughts on “Why You Should Use Books In Your Decor

  1. Books are such a great and easy way to add interest to a room. And as your post shows us we may even end up reading a book or two.

  2. I just loved all of your ideas, especially the classical books on the bed post and all three of the different looks for the piano. What a good use of those old style keys to bring even more character to the leather look ottoman! I’m learning so much from reading your blog Jessica, and I appreciate that your ideas and suggestions are easy enough to incorporate into any home, even for someone as decoratively challenged as me!! Thanks!

  3. Love all your photos! I got 2 boxes of old reader digest books that were “ruined” by library labels that couldn’t be removed. I had one of those “why not” moments and removed all the front and back covers that were really great colors and patterns. I still am not sure what to do with all the great covers but you all are inspiring me to think outside the book!

  4. Jesssssssica. That first vignette with the moody dark wall and the feathers!? Stop. So gorgeous. Your collection of beautiful books is one to aspire to. You’re just nailing those vignettes. Loved this 🙂

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