Basket Pendant Lights Are So Easy To Make You Won’t Believe It

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

I have to admit, I do find myself falling for some of the latest trends. One of them is basket pendant lights. I heart them!! Talk about sticker shock though. Wow, can they be pricey. So today I have a “get the look for less” DIY for you. It is another round of The Thrifty Style Team. Where we create high style on a low budget. The links to all kinds of thrifty ideas from some very talented ladies will be at the end of this post.thrifted finds styled to perfection

All my best projects seem to happen at midnight.

Who is with me?

MOM LIFE, am I right?

There I was doing dishes late into the night like the industrious wife that I am (LOL) and noticing again how my pendant was just too small for the space. I am very limited because I used a can light conversion kit to be able to have a pendant over the sink in the first place. It came from Lowe’s, is less than 20 bucks and screws in like a light bulb. {Sources listed at end} I plan on using them in my hallway makeover as well…see the before pics HERE You can achieve the same look using a cord swag kit like the one I used in my living room HERE

*this post contains affiliate links, if you were to buy something I would earn a small commission but your price is the same.

This is just one of the inspiration pics that I love. You can see others on my Pinterest Lighting Board as well.

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

Serena and Lily Santa Barbara Pendant

The wheels started turning and I remembered a basket that was thrown in the garage somewhere because the handle was broken.

I unburied it and took my kitchen scissors to it….

DIY Basket Pendant Light:

This is what I started with, a broken basket. The handle on the left is broken and I was really planning on trashing it.

*the lighting is horrible because it was midnight after all

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

I used my kitchen scissors and snipped the broken handle part away.

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

Then I cut an opening in the center. Making extra sure that the opening would be in the very center. I started smaller and then made it bigger until it was a perfect fit. You can’t make it smaller if you mess up!Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

That was all I did. Then just slipped it onto the conversion kit and tightened it into place.

Here it was the next day in the day light.

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

I enjoyed it like this for a long time but I wanted a change so I spray painted it black.

Make Your Own Basket Pendant light DIY

I wanted to incorporate some more black in the kitchen and this did the trick.

I like it more and more every day.


Can Light Conversion Kit | Rustoleum Flat Black Spray Paint | Rope Cord Swag Kit

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27 thoughts on “Basket Pendant Lights Are So Easy To Make You Won’t Believe It

  1. You are an absolutely genius!!! I love when an idea comes together like this. p.s. I get most of my ideas at night, too, but my pictures NEVER turn out this pretty.

  2. OK, that’s the cutest lamp shade in the world, I’ve never thought to make one out of a basket before. I guess I’m just not as clever as you and Bliss 🙂 BTW, love your kitchen shelves too!

  3. I am so glad I saw your post. I have been wanting to hang lighting over my dining table. This is exactly what I need! AND a great price. Thank you.

  4. Wow…you are a late night genius! This looks like it was bought at a high end lighting store. I am digging it black, too! Looks modern up against the white subway tile. I love those conversion kits, too!

  5. In the olden days of mom life I thought I was pretty sharp when I used a basket for a shade on a floor lamp. It stayed that way for a long long time. I saw a photo of it recently and thought to myself, “how come I didn’t cut the handles off?”. You’re way smarter than I ever was!

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