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A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in themI wanted to share this fun way to reuse eggshells by starting seeds in them. I originally saw this done by Joanna Gaines. Of course I wanted to try it. I love anything that is purposeful and organic.

The perfect thing about this is that you plant the whole eggshell so it doesn’t disrupt the roots and the shell provides the plant with calcium as it grows!!!!

I have yet to start a large organic garden but I have a little corner that I play with. If you are new to my blog, welcome and it makes me so happy that you are here!

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Food is the one thing that I have found to heal my family. Instead of focusing on what we can’t eat, I like to dwell on what we can eat. Eggs and lots of them!!! I already add the shells to the soil in our little corner garden but this was new and so fun.

A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds

Let me show you…

Starting Seeds In Eggshells:

First you take a fork and perforate the shell along the top portion of the shell, you want to leave more than half of the shell intact.

Then make eggs and bacon.

That was the boys favorite part of this project…they’re teenagers and they like to eat!

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A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in them

Once you have them all done you add a potting soil that is made for starting seeds.

A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in them

Use a ceramic egg crate like this one from World Market…HERE

I love it because it doesn’t get soggy from the water and you can reuse it.

A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in them

Then you can use a sharpie and write directly on the egg to label it.

A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in them

Cute right? I love them.

Time to put the seeds in. I like to put 3 in each one with just a dusting of soil over the tops of them.

Now you move them indoors to a warm sunny spot.

Mist them several times a day to keep the soil moist but not too wet.


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A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in them

Now sit back and eagerly await those cute little green shoots and plant them, shell and all, in the garden after danger of frost has passed.

Give the egg a little crunch first so that it is easier for the roots to break through.

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I hope you love this little project as much as I do!!

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  1. I am totally going to try this! I have had a stack of seed packets just sitting here for months. Thanks for the idea!


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