How to Make a Faux Pull down Chart the Easy Way

An easy DIY faux pull down chart tutorialHave you seen these faux pull down charts? Have you wanted to try to make a faux pull down chart and stumbled upon a million tutorials on Pinterest? That’s probably because they fit into so many styles, adorning the walls of boho chic to farmhouse style homes and add just a touch of whimsy. Back in the spring I wanted to change my wall decor up for my Spring Home Tour . I had a clearance print from IKEA and a wallpaper sample (the one above) that I loved but didn’t have a frame that fit them. So I decided to turn them both into a faux pull down chart. Like most things I do I made it as easy and quick as possible because after a hard day of work my husband likes to eat dinner not crafts and he prefers it to be glitter free. 

It’s also another month of thrifty style with The Thrifty Style Team. Below you will find links to lots of thrifty decor ideas so be sure to stick around!!

Speaking of thrifty this little project cost me a whoppin $5. I already had the prints and wallpaper sample, the hot glue, and the twine. I only had to go to the hardware store for a couple of dowels.

The tutorial and supply list for making a faux pull down chart:

Supply list:

  • print or paper of choice in any size
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • twine
  • dowel-cut to size
  • clippers or hand saw
  • sandpaper

supplies to make a faux pull down chart

The tutorial:

  • cut 2 dowels (I used a 5/16 size dowel) to the same width as your print | I used my garden clippers because the dowel was small in size | If you use a larger dowel use a small hand saw to cut it
  • sand the cut ends smooth
  • tie twine to each end of one of the dowels that you cut to size | figure out how long to make the twine based on how high you want it to hang | if you make it too long you can add a knot to it to make it shorter like I did
  • using your hot glue gun add a bead of hot glue to the bottom of your print and press the dowel without twine firmly onto it
  • repeat the process for the top of the print and use the dowel that you have added the twine to
  • hang it on the wall, stand back and admire your craftiness then get in the kitchen and make dinner

How to make a faux pull down chart


The finished product:

make your own wall decor

I love the cheer these floral prints add. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to change up your wall decor.

I paired the small floral one with a weaving from The Decor Adobe and it dressed up the awkward TV area.

Make a faux pull down chart the easy way | DIY wall decor

While we are speaking of thrifty decorating I recently did a makeover on that gold hallway in the pic with a budget of $100. See it HERE

Faux pull down chart tutorial

Thank you for visiting with me today. Enjoy all the other thrifty ideas for this month.

thrifted finds styled to perfection


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17 thoughts on “How to Make a Faux Pull down Chart the Easy Way

  1. I think these look very eclectic (as in chic) and add a very homey touch at the same time! Quite a trick!! And, even I could do this project:)

  2. This is too cute and clever for words! Love how you displayed it and our creative wheels are turning thinking of ways that we could use it too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like how you used pretty wall paper. So nice.
    I have a vintage map that I want to use your idea with. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I’ve been looking at these on the internet. Love your idea of using of favorite wallpaper or print, and I like that it’s an inexpensive DIY. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jessica that is such a fun and simple way to display your favorite fabrics. I have a ton of pieces of fabric that I keep. They are actually clothes that I can’t bare to part with simply because the pattern is so pretty. This would be a great way to show it off. Btw, it looks great against your dark wall.

  6. This is a post that makes me go “hmmmmm”. As in hmmmm, that is easy enough for me to accomplish, so where do I want to hang a pull down chart?

  7. Such a great way to display pieces…would be perfect for all of my printables, too. Love how sweet it looks in your living room.


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