Light and Bright Hallway Makeover Reveal

Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

The best part of any project is when you get to clean up all the paint mess and really see your space take shape. That is where I am and let me tell you, I love it!! This $100 room challenge has come to an end. The links to weeks 1, 2 & 3 are at the end as well as the reveals of the other bloggers that participated. I feel like I have been painting for the last ten years. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be done painting!!! I am always amazed at the power of paint. If you are on the fence about painting a room white, don’t be!!! You will love it!

Wanna see the before of this view??? You do? Great, let me just show you all of them while I’m at it.

Before:Hallways are rooms too, before pics, $100 room challenge

After:Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

Before:Hallways are rooms too, before pics, $100 room challenge


Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal


Hallways are rooms too, before pics, $100 room challenge


Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal


Hallways are rooms too, before pics, $100 room challenge

After:Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

That is my view when I wake up in the morning. It is the brightest first thing in the morning and starts my day off with a smile. To be honest, of all the things that I have done this hallway is making me the happiest. It was bothering me for soooo long. Now it is cheerful, stylish and fresh. The paint on the doors was very beat up, no exaggeration!!! So bad.

I know why we put it off for so long. I really underestimated the amount of time that it was going to take to paint all of these doors, trim and the cabinet. Very time consuming but oh so worth it!!!

With that said, there were some things that I didn’t get done and I had very little time to do the styling. So I just threw this together with things that I had on hand. When I say threw toghether I mean like 4 hours later. It was a bit harder to style the shelves than I anticipated.

I chose to use black and white gallery frames and add in some of my gold frames that I love so much. I love black and white photos but so many of my pics are in color. So I just tried to keep them in the same color family. These shelves will be tweaked often. I could tell you the story of each picture that made the cut. Like how I am pretty sure that my kids were the cutest babies to ever live. (every mom says that)

Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

Or how we were babies ourselves when we got married.

That is my most favorite picture ever, it was taken before we were married and that is my niece. She is almost 25 now. It isn’t complete yet. I still have a whole side of the family to fit in there, so if you are reading this my beautiful family I’m not done yet!!! I need to print off more pics but now it will be so easy to switch up. Read that as no more holes in the walls or trying to get the placement right on a gallery wall. Just swap out pics and frames. LOVE IT! I added a few special pieces of art and a frame to switch out prints with the seasons, which I thought would be fun. Right now I have the Monstera leaves which is my thing for the summer. See how I used Tropical Statement Leaves this year. HERE

Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

If you look back at week 2 you can see what my plans were. It all went pretty well except that I didn’t have time to get to the command center/drop zone which will be right here on this counter. But I will tackle that next.

I had plans to change the can lights to pendant lights but I changed my mind. That brings me to the budget.

I only spent $50 dollars. 

Yes you read that right. I had so much on hand. I even sold a piece of furniture and upped my budget by $50. So to reward myself I ordered a new rug!! It was only 67 dollars total. But it didn’t get here in time. So I just turned my old rug over for now like I had planned. I can’t wait to show it to you when I get it.

Total Budget:


Sold old furniture..$50

Total: $150

Total Spent:

Picture ledges…$40

2 ribba frames…$10

Rug (still coming) …$67

Grand total: $117

The paint made all the difference. Changing out the knobs also made a huge difference.

I made that cachepot out of something deemed for the trash. You can see it in Week 3.

I love this frame and I just hung it empty but I will find the perfect print for it. It is one of my favorite frames. My sister made it and I painted it.

Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

This is my view when I come home and set my things ( junk) down. It is a world of difference. So I think I deserve something shaken not stirred and to put my feet up.

So it is still a work in progress and I will share as I finish more of it.

Just one more real life view for you…Light and Bright hallway makeover reveal

The best view of them all….my boys. One is practicing for his piano lesson and the other is on his computer in headphones looking like he works in an airport radio control tower, but having so much fun. They are the reason I do what I do.

Thank you for sharing in this with me!!

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See all of the reveals from the other participants!! The best part!

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19 thoughts on “Light and Bright Hallway Makeover Reveal

  1. $117 to redo a whole hallway and make it that pretty!?! Wow, you really do deserve something shaken, not stirred!! It’s so true, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our beautiful children:)

  2. This makes me want to go around my house painting everything white! I can’t believe what a difference you made in this hallway. It really impacts the rest of the house. And I love your black, white and gold frames. Beautiful!

  3. I can’t believe the different the white made to your hallway. It looks amazing! I’m leaning towards painting my living room white, and I think this helped me to decide. I also love those picture ledges, I might need to add those to my house too. 🙂

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