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farmhouse-favoritesI don’t consider myself a writer, I consider myself a sharer. I’m not even sure if that is a word. See what I mean? In fact English Grammar for Dummies is in my Amazon cart as we speak.

You might be wondering why I started a blog?  The main reason is that I love to share. I am actually an over-sharer. The Urban Dictionary is my best online friend besides Google. They define an over-sharer as a person who discloses too much personal information or too many details about oneself. I often find myself wishing that my words were on a fishing line and I could reel them back in. That is a story for another day.

When Deco & Bloom graciously offered this ahem non-writer over-sharer the opportunity to curate their weekly Farmhouse Favorites column I was flattered, surprised and scared! Me? Write something profound? But the good news is that it’s all about sharing. Sharing my Favorite Farmhouse Decor finds. That I can do. Shop online and dream up beautiful spaces? Sign me up!!

I don’t live on a farm or even in the country. But I would love to. I have yet to write about my style identity, but it’s coming. I like sophisticated, rustic, unassuming spaces that tell the story of passing time. Where the years have left their mark and there are little reminders of it mixed in with modern styling.

While I live in a plain newer tract house I can dream of country life in a time-worn home somewhere in Europe. Will you take this weekly journey with me? Join me every Friday on Deco & Bloom as I bring that vision to life through online window shopping.

To start it off I chose my favorite theme…Farm to Table 

Here are a few of my favorite items from this week’s list….

Balon Cloche from Painted Fox Home


Butler Caddy from Painted Fox Home

Butler Serving Caddy

Reclaimed Wood Trays from Antique Farm House

Rectangle Reclaimed Wood Trays, Set of 3

Enjoy my Farmhouse Favorites column…

and all my Farm to Table pics this week over at Deco & Bloom


Modern Interior design
Modern Interior design



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8 thoughts on “Friday Farmhouse Favorites

  1. How exciting Jessica! I feel like I know a celebrity now or rather a blogrebity? Yeah it’s a thing I just made up. I will be able to say ” I knew you when” heck I knew the embryo of you. Congratulations again and I need that book too. Obvi right?

  2. Jess,

    We are so grateful and excited to have you as part of our big ol’ blogging family and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next! You are so welcome to overshare with us anytime you’d like! ♥

  3. How exciting!!! I think you are a great blogger! You are funny and I enjoyed reading this. Great finds! Love them all!!

  4. I think you are a fantastic blogger! I love how your personality shines through in your writing!


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