One Room Challenge-Glamily Room-Week 3


Jonathan-Louis-Radley-Sectional-MacysI am thrilled to share Week 3 of the One Room Challenge with you because there is progress. I had almost given up hope of being able to find a sectional with everything that I wanted.  The configuration, fabric, comfort and price! 

The really stylish ones were either like sitting on a park bench or a bean bag. I wanted one that had deep seating but was firm and you didn’t sink like quick sand. I narrowed the style down to track arms and clean lines because it is so versatile. I originally wanted the one above from Macy’s but thought that it was too big and too expensive.

After more measuring I realized that it would fit. Go big or don’t bring it home!!!  I went back to show my husband and it was on sale for over 40% off. It was a done deal. I am so excited!!! It gets delivered next Friday.

In my 20 years of adult life I have only had 4 couches. An antique one that was given to me and that a friend helped me reupholster, the IKEA Ektorp (which I loved), a poufy padded leather number with recliners that haunted me for years and my current craigslist find that is officially thread bare. So this was a big deal for me.

It is lighter than I am comfortable with as far as stains are concerned, but I bought the protection plan and called it a day. 

Still loving this inspiration pic the most. 

Home office eclectic-home-office

I am going to love the contrast against the dark walls. Speaking of dark walls. We are painting this weekend!!! That is the other progress that I am so excited about.

I chose Black Heron by Valspar. It was the truest black in my home. It doesn’t have brown, green or purple undertones. I was happy to see it listed as one of the Top Black Paint Colors according to Jenna Burger. The white color that I chose is Quail Egg by Valspar. It is a warm white that contrasts the White Dove trim. The rest of my living space will be Quail Egg.


This is my current pillow crush from H&M

Next week I will share my lighting choice from Lamps Plus, more before pictures, and hopefully a little preview of the paint. 

If you’re wondering about how we did on the garage….We made lots of progress. I can see the light at the end of the pit! 

My To Do List:

  • Pick out and purchase sectional, rug, and ottoman
  • Sell existing furniture
  • Paint
  • Install new shades and curtains
  • Choose new lighting (I have a few in mind from Lamps Plus)
  • Hang gallery wall around TV
  • Hang mirrors above sofa
  • Art above piano…possibly a DIY

Feels good to have crossed something off!!! 

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    3 thoughts on “One Room Challenge-Glamily Room-Week 3

    1. I’m so behind in keeping up with your blog and your ORC but, when I do get the chance to read some and look at all your beautiful photos, I must say…I’m lovin’ it!! I have a crush on the pillow from H&M too. It says to me: “oh yeah, I’m bold! But you can still cuddle with me!” Also, “Black Heron” describes the color perfectly! I agree, no undertones of any other color, just soft black that draws you in and makes you feel warm all over!! 🙂 Good Job!

    2. I’m so excited for you! That was huge to just find the sectional and start painting. Now is the time to prep yourself for the mess you will be living with for a while. It’s going to get worse before it gets better! But really, the whole garage? Couldn’t you just make his favorite dinner? Oh well, I hope you found your brushes!

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