Curated Wish List #1


When I was young my grandparents had those giant JCPenney catalogs that were almost bigger than I was. They would tell me to pick out what I wanted. I spent hours day dreaming of the pretend kitchens, then I graduated to school outfits and bedspreads. I was always ecstatic when they would surprise me with things from my wish list. I think that is why one of my favorite pass-times has always been flipping through home decor magazines, catalogs and now blogs.

I thought it would be fun to share my very own monthly curated wish list starting now….

Curated Wish List #1

Painted Fox Home is a company for Farmhouse Inspired Finds, or as they would call it. They have a mix of SOURCED goods and authentically vintage FOUND goods. I feel privileged to represent them as an affiliate. This month’s wish list is made up of my favorites from their collection. They just recently transformed their brand and added some amazing things like this Zinc topped table which is the first thing on my wish list…..

Oh the meals that would be enjoyed gathered around this table…

The Annabelle



This stone topped coffee table would be so dramatic…..

The Linden


Stone Top Coffee Table



This throw because I have a crush on dark charcoal and pom poms…

The Roman


The Roman



These marble pedestals are classic and timeless….

The Gough Collection

The Gough Collection



These wicker covered wine jugs are so nostalgic for me, and they’re so beautiful. They are antique FOUND demi johns. The real deal….

Antique Demi John

Found Wicker Demijohn

To see why these are nostalgic to me read my Treasured and Timeless Pieces Post

Do you love these amazing pieces as much as I do??? Let me know which one is your favorite below….

*This post contains affiliate links, I would make a small commission but your price stays the same!!!


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  1. When Renee and I were young we use to play ” I got this, I got that” it was a very aggressive game that we made up involving the Sears catalog and claiming what we wanted in it. This was a foregleam of Pinterest. Nowadays I have a Pinterest page entitled My own personal registry.

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