Winter Citrus Inspired Tablescape


I am thrilled to say that myself and 8 other bloggers have teamed up for a Winter Home Tour. We are showcasing some of our favorite winter decor ideas and how we are using them in our own homes. I know that you won’t want to miss any of it. Follow their links at the end of this post.

I’m so glad that you are here and I hope that you enjoy this tour as much as we have!!

citrus-winter-tablescapeSince we spend most of our time in the dining room and kitchen, I wanted to make it extra cheery this winter season. It is also my favorite room because it houses the fireplace. It was originally the family room with a useless media niche attached to it. We removed that and resurfaced the fireplace and now I love eating dinner next to it on cold nights.


I have always enjoyed decorating for parties, but I rarely do seasonal decor just to enjoy at home, so I have really loved this!! I knew that I wanted citrus because here in Southern California it is prime citrus season, and it just happens to be one of my personal favorites.


I came across a beautiful image on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate. I didn’t want to spend any money and I especially didn’t want anything that I have to store when I’m done with it. My house is already busting at the seams. So I decided to borrow from nature and use things that I already had on hand. My Kumquats are ripe, ready for the picking and they look beautiful against crisp whites.


This might stem from living in Southern California my whole life, but I have really been enjoying the cooler temperatures that we are having this year. I am sitting here next to the fire and listening to the rain pour down as I write this.


Eating dinner together has always been a priority around here, so this space sees a lot of action! It also doubles as our home office. When you have a smaller house, double duty spaces are a must. When we have company we gather here as we eat, talk, and play games.

371 Antler sheds and birch logs really make a statement. They will stay all year, because I love them that much. I cut those little candle holders myself. I was quite proud that I didn’t scream like a girl while operating the chop saw.373 376

This is an arrangement of Kumquat’s, Privet berries, and Iceberg roses. All of which I gathered from my yard. I saw this combo on Pinterest and I was smitten. Then I realized that I grew all of the things that I needed.
353 320So as much as I would love a genuine linen tablecloth, I couldn’t find one. As it turns out twin size flat sheets make great tablecloths. That’s what I would call making do.citrus-winter-tablescape citrus-winter-tablescape

How gorgeous are these blooming Eucalyptus branches? cut these from my mother in laws tree and I don’t think that I have ever noticed them bloom before.

What’s on the menu tonight, you ask? It’s an  orange and avocado salad with a honey balsalmic dressing!! Thank you for stopping by the heart of my home!

Grab a throw and something to sip on while you are welcomed in by all these amazing ladies.

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