Upcycle An Old Sheet Into A No Sew Table Runner

Simple Indigo and Pink Tablescape for a Beautiful Brunch

I hate to iron and I own a sewing machine but don’t remember how to operate it. What’s a girl to do when she finds an old sheet in the prettiest blush pink and wants to use it as a table runner? She makes a NO SEW, NO IRON table runner. Of course. Think 90’s crinkle skirts. The 90’s seems to be repeating itself. I wore bodysuits (adult onesies) and high waisted jeans like a boss. Crinkle skirts were my jam, they were ATR (all the rage) My son informs me that no one says any of those things anymore. My reply…Talk to the hand. Yep, no one says that anymore either. Well the “IN” lingo to moms is upcycle, no sew, blush pink, indigo, tablescape, boho chic, thrifty style which reminds me… It’s another month of The Thrifty Style Team. See what the other bloggers have been blowing their kids away with this month! I’m pretty sure it’s PHAT. PH-phat.

I had been on the search for some blush pink linens for so long and just couldn’t find any…that I could afford anyway. Then one day I was helping my mom go through some junk piles and there was the prettiest blush pink fitted sheet. It was missing the top sheet so it was going to get trashed. I ran to save it from the 30 gallon black bag..like slow motion ran. Then it sat in my “I’m going to turn this treasure into something fantastic” pile that grows in my sleep for  2 mos  6mos OK a year. After I finished my crinkle skirt magic on this no sew table runner I sat back and thought…I’m all that and a bag of chips.

Upcycle an old sheet into a no sew table runner


The great thing about using old sheets is that they are such a large piece of fabric with no seams. If you have been to the fabric store lately then you know that they aren’t giving fabric away. It’s expensive. Even if you don’t have an old sheet in mind just buying a flat sheet to use can be so much cheaper than buying fabric.

How to make a NO SEW table runner:

  • Don’t get your sewing machine out
  • Don’t plug the iron in
  • Figure out how long and wide you want your runner to be.
  • Find a straight edge to use as a guide when cutting, I used my countertop–it doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Wash this piece in the washing machine, this does a lot of the fraying on the edges for you
  • While it is still wet pull at the threads on the edges until the fray is even, then trim the threads with scissors
  • Take the wet fabric and twist it like you’re ringing out a rag or twisting up your crinkle skirt to wear when you watch Full House
  • Allow it to dry and then you’re done

This is what I started with. I cut the elastic off to make it easier to work with.


Turn old sheets into table linens

After it is cut to size and washed then trim the threads.Tutorial for making a no sew table runner

Twist it tightly and allow to dry. This gets you out of ironing and it adds that beautiful crinkled texture.Make a no sew table runner from an old sheet

Simple Indigo and Pink Tablescape for a Beautiful Brunch

See more pictures of this TABLESCAPE that was part of my Summer Brunch Series

I also made a small cloth napkin out of the sheet and I have used it in multiple posts because I love the color so much. Every picture should have a touch of pink!!

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Apple and Cranberry Salad

Honey balsamic vinaigrette

Thanks for stopping by to hear the whys and the hows of my no sew table runner.

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11 thoughts on “Upcycle An Old Sheet Into A No Sew Table Runner

  1. This looks so pretty Jessica!! I love the idea of twisting & wringing it for that texture it brings to the table!! Hmmmm….now I’m thinking about what I can cut up in my linen closet 🙂

  2. Very pretty!! Wearing a crinkle skirt and watching Full House, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! You’re hilarious!! Actually, I’m gonna go do that right now:)

  3. Well your table is wearing it well, by far better than I could probably wear an adult onesie these days. Or any other long gone fashion my my youth for that matter.

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