Repurpose A Tote Into A Cachepot

Repurpose a tote into a cachepot

Life has been crazy hectic. I am writing this post a whole week late!! Thanks for being patient with me. I have been working on making over my hallway. I joined the $100 room challenge where I had one month and $100 dollars to transform a space. First I am going to show you this super fun way to repurpose a tote into a cachepot and then I will update you on how week 3 went (past tense.) As I promised I wanted to show you any DIY’s that I came up with while I was doing this challenge.  I have been wanting to add more plants to my house since they clean the air. So I knew that I wanted one in the hallway but didn’t find any pots I liked. So let me show you what I came up with…

Repurpose a tote into a cachepot

I had this pleather tote that I really love. The color is perfect and it was just the right size but the handles were shot. I am on the hunt for a replacement. But I hated to throw it out. So I thought….plant pot cover or cachepot!!

But first I wondered if a leather pot cover is a thing and it turns out that they are!! I pinned some to my HOUSEPLANTS board on Pinterest…HERE and they are pricey!! Shocker I know. Wouldn’t the water ruin the leather? I think it would so my pleather knock off is even better.

I cut the handles off, folded the top over and called it a win!

I love the boho vibe and it looks fantastic on the blank wall at the end of my hallway.

See more pics in the reveal, linked below.

Scroll down to hear how week 3 of my room challenge went…

Repurpose a tote into a cachepotSince it is so late in the game as an added bonus you can binge read my whole project because I have the reveal coming on the tail of this update. Notice what I did there? I made being behind sound like a postive!!

I present you with a blog binge sans Netflix…

Week 1: Before pics…HERE

Week 2: The plan…HERE

Week 3: Progress pics & DIY projects…You are here

Week 4: The reveal…


By the way, I totally get binge watching. Man is it dangerously addictive to just let that next episode start automatically. I usually get my laundry done tho, so there’s that.

Week 3 Progress:

I started out week 2 with the best of intentions and made a trip to IKEA that Wednesday night! I bought the picture ledges and a few other goodies. We started painting on Friday and made a big dent in a big project. We took the kids to the beach on Saturday and then some unexpected life stuff happened. The kind that makes you stop and evaluate your priorities. Painting was not one of them.

So after a week of no progress in the last few days we picked the project back up and put in a few late nights, covered myself and the floor in white paint smears and got the painting done just in time for the reveal.

So head on over to read what I didn’t finish and see all the pics!!!!

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  1. I never even knew what a leather “cachepot” is~ but now that I do, I love it!! Great way to recycle that cute tote also!

  2. That leather pot cover is totally a win! How creative to use something you love that would otherwise be thrown away. It looks so pretty and cool!

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