Repairing MDF Cabinets

Repairing Swollen MDF Cabinets
 I needed to repair these MDF cabinet doors. Once the finish is gone and they get wet the area swells up and disintegrates. When you paint them it swells up again. I needed a solution. Here is the before…
bathroom 8

You can see the areas that were damaged. I found a forum that suggested Elmer’s carpenter’s wood glue. It works!!



The first step is to sand it with 220 grit sand paper. Once it is smooth you can spread the glue on lightly. Let it dry and sand again. Repeat these steps until it doesn’t swell after applying a layer of glue.

Priming the areas first would be an extra protection. Now they are ready to paint.

See the full bathroom update and how we added the wood feet.





2 thoughts on “Repairing MDF Cabinets

  1. I have kitchen cabinets with this same problem. I would love a little more info on this. What did you use to sand them, just a piece of sandpaper or a power sander? Mine are swollen and have lost the crisp line on the bevel, were yours like that? What did you paint them with in the end? They look great!

    1. Hi Tracie. I used sandpaper. I wouldn’t use anything coarser than 120 grit and get finer from there. I kept repeating the glue & sanding process until I had the desired result. Then I primed them and finished with a semi-gloss paint.

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