Essential Oils


I have always been a believer in natural health care. Essential oils found their way into my daily routine over the years, especially for cosmetic use. I would go to my health food store and buy them straight off the shelf and think nothing of it.

That was until my good friend tried doTerra for herself. I saw how glowing she looked and asked her what she was using. A few days later I was hooked. I was so surprised by the superiority of the products. I noticed it immediately after I sampled hers.

Because I deal with extreme sensitivities due to my battle with Chronic Lyme Disease they have been perfect for me. I am able to use them in the diffuser, in baths and applied topically. I am allergic to many cosmetic creams but I am able to use the oils, especially Lavender to soothe sore skin and fight wrinkles and acne.essential-oil

I love to diffuse the Citrus Bliss blend to subdue stress. I also diffuse the Breathe blend when my children are sick and it helps them sleep in comfort. I made good use of the Deep Blue rub after some back problems and it was a life saver. I used it on my mom after a surgery that left her legs in horrible pain and she was also pleasantly surprised at how much it eased her discomfort. I can’t forget about the On Guard toothpaste because I absolutely love it, and it tastes like cloves! I even use Lemon oil on my pet to fight fleas.

These are just a few of the ways that I use mine. If you would like to try your own, you can purchase the oils here and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can. If you like discounts like I do, you can enroll as a wellness advocate and get your products at wholesale pricing. That is how I started. I can help you through the process!! You can contact me by email or by clicking this link , and you can also connect with me on instagram  Here’s to looking and feeling better!!


I am not a healthcare professional. These are just suggestions. Please seek the advice of your doctor.

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