Cranberry Pesto Turkey Sandwich


A few years ago I cooked a turkey in March before it got too hot to have the oven on for 4 hours!! I also made my Easy Honey Vanilla Cranberry Sauce After offering it to the family a few times they were so over it. So I reinvented it into these sandwiches. Let me tell you, it was a hit and I still get requests.

What you will need:

  • Ciabatta rolls, sourdough or bread of choice
  • homemade pesto sauce here
  • cranberry sauce
  • carved white turkey
  • green leaf lettuce
  • optional: mayonnaise

2761 basil-pesto

As you assemble all the delicious goodness make sure to add lots of pesto and cranberry sauce, don’t be shy. I used my pesto as is but my son wanted his cut with mayo, both ways were delicious. I also really enjoyed mine wrapped in lettuce and I made a few on gluten free bread.


My boys are taking their jobs as taste testers seriously! But me taking photos before they can have a bite..not their favorite!! I hope that your family and friends take their job seriously too.




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