Simple Pesto Sauce

simple-pesto-sauceBasil has always been my favorite herb, I especially love it’s aroma. I’ve been using this simple pesto recipe for 20 years. It was one of the first things that I learned to make as a new wife, so I thought that it should be one of the first to share. Read more

Essential Oils


I have always been a believer in natural health care. Essential oils found their way into my daily routine over the years, especially for cosmetic use. I would go to my health food store and buy them straight off the shelf and think nothing of it.

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Easy Honey Vanilla Cranberry Sauce


Fall is my favorite season. I love the welcome chill in the air, cozy dinners by the fireplace, and the vibrant hues of the changing leaves. Nothing says fall better than beautiful fresh red cranberries. As we all know they’re the perfect addition to fall dishes like a roasted turkey or dried and sprinkled on a salad with gorgonzola. But did you know how simple homemade cranberry sauce really is? Read more