Treasured and Timeless Pieces

treasured-and-timeless-piecesI have those few pieces that I will never part with, they never get hidden away in a cabinet and they have a story to tell.

I’m joining 7 other bloggers and we are talking about our “storied goods”. Be sure to read their sweet stories next… {{links at the end of this post}} I can’t wait to tell you about a few of my found and storied goods!!! 

My Treasured and Timeless Pieces….


When I was very young we rented a house that had a wine cellar. Like the adventurous person that she is, my mom decided to take up wine making. I still remember the musty sweet smell of the cellar and the cobwebs. She crushed the fruit and let it ferment in 30 gallon tubs before bottling it, or drinking it straight from the tub, but you didn’t hear that from me!! I grew up hearing all the funny stories about her girlfriends coming over and hanging out in the cellar a little too long, or my older siblings sneaking in when she wasn’t looking.

She had a collection of wine decanters, the kind with the baskets and the little straw plugs. When I saw this one at an antique store for only $5, I had to have it. It brings to mind that smell that I loved so much!

image image


I have a particular fondness for bread boards and wood spoons. I’m not sure if I can emphasize that enough. See those small boards and wooden spoon? I bought them from the estate sale of a woman who my mom cooked for. We went to the sale together, I grabbed them as soon as I saw them just because I loved them.

Then she told me how she used them throughout the years, chopping onions and garlic and stirring split pea soup.

Now when I use them I think of all the years that she worked so hard to put food on the table and it makes me so grateful!


Then there is this huge bread board….

My sister and I have twin boards. While visiting her in North Carolina we were on the hunt for one for her island but they were all pretty pricey.


We spotted 2 of these in the very back corner of the store, at a great price. I bought one for her, then the next day she bought the other one for me and had it shipped home to California!!

So now when I look at it, I’m reminded of our day spent junking in the pouring rain and she doesn’t seem as far away.



I love to fill my home with things that remind me of special memories. That is why these are some of my treasured and timeless pieces!!

Thank you for sitting down with me today while I told my stories!!!

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14 thoughts on “Treasured and Timeless Pieces

  1. This was so good Jess! You have the best boards and spoons! ! I love wine and I love vintage decanters. Maybe you could send the two? Just a thought! Lol!

  2. Jess, I feel like I justgot to know you through this post! Your stories are so sweet and so interesting! Your mom’s wine adventures –and the humor in the 30 gallon “wineglass” and how you’re brought back to that rainy day with your sister when you see your bread board. Truly touching! I loved these stories and I know others will too. I’m so glad we did this together again 🙂 Thank you xoxox

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