Modern Rustic Bedroom

Modern Rustic BedroomI recently got a new Tuft & Needle mattress, you can read my review HERE You know how it is when you make one change and it just seems to snowball? Well that is what happened to me once I got my new mattress, everything else was just blah. I wasn’t in the position to make any major changes in my room. Time, money, energy and a pesky little thing called reality. You know what I’m talking about. So I just changed out a few things, and it made such a difference. It’s proof that just swapping out a few simple accessories can do a lot.


I got this bed 12 years ago when we first moved into our house. It was handmade by a local company in my area called Galleria Rustica. I still love it. With that said, the pine is hard to work with. Lately I have been wanting it to have a more modern feel, so I went with Modern Rustic.

I painted my room Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore several years ago and enjoyed that update and it still looks good. It’s a really nice warm gray (greige)

I shopped my house. It’s totally a thing. I snagged the pillow from the couch and the scarf throw from my wardrobe.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

This is an IKEA pillow that is like 6 dollars. I sewed the pom pom fringe on one night while I was watching TV.

I also went to Target and scored a couple of things on clearance. Don’t you love when that happens? I got the smaller pillow above and the Nate Berkus wall hanging below

Modern Rustic Bedroom

I have had that hanging lantern for a long time. When I first did this room 12 yrs ago I went Moroccan which is now known as Boho Chic. Still love it. It has changed a few times since then.

I guess now is a good time to show you the before pics so that you can see that I really just changed out a few accessories. All the furniture, paint and bedding stayed the same.


bedroom before pics bedroom-before-1

I can barely stand to look at them!! eew

Back to my updates….

I picked up that little live edge wood planter recently at a garage sale and planted it with my beloved succulents. It will move all over the house I’m sure.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

Those books on the bed frame really move around a lot too. I recently used them on my fall mantel…HERE

The cute thing is that my boys are really worried about them above my head. They keep moving them. California being earthquake country and all. At least I know they love me.

I changed out my lamps for these, also from Target, and I am loving the new look.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

Another change that I made was the gauze panels in the nightstands. It used to be matchstick panels, as you can see in the before pics, that I added to hide the stuff in the cabinet and make them more useful.

I wanted to brighten it up so I added cheesecloth instead. I am really pleased with the old world look it has, it really made the iron stand out. The tops of the nightstands were in bad shape. I tried that trick of mixing olive oil and vinegar and rubbing out the marks. It really works!!!!!


I had the hardest time finding something for above my bed. I shopped my house again and took these 3 frames from the hallway, which I’m completely changing soon anyway (sorry hubby)

I love love love antlers but I couldn’t find any…so I made these faux ones out of feathers. They’re pretty fun…and free.img_4241modern-rustic-bedroom Modern-Rustic-Bedroom img_4281modern-rustic-bedroom img_4282modern-rustic-bedroom My favorite fur accessory Modern Rustic Bedroom

That about sums it up. I highly recommend to reimagine things that you already have around the house, you might just find a whole new way to update your space.

If you missed my Tuft & Needle mattress review you can catch it HERE

XO Jessica

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