Mild Detox Bath


After a long day there is nothing like a nice soak in the tub. I take detox baths which are very beneficial for your health. You soak in Epsom salt which is Magnesium Sulfate. It is absorbed through the skin and it aids in detoxification, supports healthy nerve function and strong muscles. I was able to enjoy one today and will start doing them regularly again. They also make your skin feel great and you sleep like a baby.

They can be very strong and I have had reactions, so I suggest starting off with this very mild one and working your way up to stronger ones.

Here is what you need:

  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil ( I use DoTerra brand which you can purchase¬†here¬†)
  • 1 cup of epsom salts

Here is what you do:

  • use warm water, not hot at first as it is amps up the effectiveness and it could be too much
  • add epsom salt and lavender oil while the tub is filling up
  • light a candle and enjoy

At first it is advised to only soak for 20 mins


I am not a healthcare professional. These are only suggestions. Please seek the advice of your doctor before trying.

4 thoughts on “Mild Detox Bath

  1. I NEED This! I love Epsom Salts because they are so inexpensive and so soothing. Actually, I used to run on this trail in my home town and deer flies were a HUGE Problem so I would use lavender body wash and shampoo as it was a natural deterrent for them. I’ll have to try my bath with lavender too!

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