Mid Century Inspired Teen Boys Room | One Room Challenge | Week 4

Well here we go!! Week 4 of my Mid Century Inspired Teen Boy’s Room for the  One Room Challenge. Do you like this inspiration pic from West Elm? I sure do! I changed my title to include Mid Century Inspired because that is the direction I ended up going with his desk…although not this one…I found one for a much better price which I will share next week. I want to start out by thanking some great companies that sponsored with me. They have made this come together for me and have been such a joy to work with:

  • Blindsgalore….see the window shade that I chose HERE
  • Lamps Plus….see my lighting choices HERE
  • Some globally sourced accents from Avelynlane
  • A personalized print from JIBEPRINTS

I was so excited to share this week’s progress because I felt like it was going to be good. Notice how that is all past tense? What is the saying….2 steps forward, one step back? Good thing that I like doing the cha cha cha, especially with my partner in crime. I honestly think that I can do all of these things by myself. But when it comes down to it I need his help with everything. By the time I cart the kids around, manage their schooling, grocery shopping, keeping everyone on a strict diet, cleaning, folding underwear, paying the bills, spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram looking at 1001 inspiration pictures, and then shopping for all the things that I saw in the inspiration pics at a fraction of the cost it turns out that I really can’t do all the painting and heavy work by myself. OOPS….

This last week was hard. Garrett had another episode with his legs and had difficulty walking and moving around for about 5 days. My husband also had some extensive dental work done (an implant.) Poor thing!! It looked so painful. With that said, I think that my husband deserves the biggest shout out this week. Even with his pounding head…..He swooped in and saved me. He even stayed up till midnight painting on Monday after working all day.


I did the math and realized that this room reno will be our tenth kids room makeover and we only have 2 sons. We have always done it together. Good memories. He always helps and even if he isn’t on board at first, in the end I usually get my way  I mean we come up with a compromise. Really though, I understand our limitations and I try to come up with things that make a big impact with minimal effort like dark walls. So this time I wanted to put trim around the window. He didn’t want to at first but then surprised me by going to buy the supplies. Now he agrees that it made a huge difference. I’m so so happy with the results.  We have these tract house windows that only have drywall around them and not in a cool modern kind of way either.

I’m never sure how much to show here on the progress posts because of the reveal and all. I feel silly saying that, really silly!!! But I will show you a little peek of the window trim before we painted..the pics are awful because it was dark!…and nevermind the neighbors R.V. accross the street. Remember..tract house!

img_4596modern-teen-boys-room-before Easy Craftsman Window Trim

It turned out way better than I expected and it took that “most boring house ever” feel out of the space. I will write a separate blog post about it, but it was pretty easy and we can’t wait to add it to a few other places in the house.

This is the color we chose…

Mid Century Inspired Teen Boy's Room

So that brings us to the topic of paint and why I’m so bummed out and said that we took two steps forward and one step back.

FYI: I will be writing a separate post on this too as I feel it is my blogger obligation to publish what I learned.

There is a lot to know when working with dark paint colors. They are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. I absolutely love the impact they add to a space. But….there are a few things you have to know. Which I didn’t know (and neither did the guys at ACE or even my father in law who was a painter for years) and that means we have to repaint the entire room. This happened in my first One Room Challenge in the Spring. I painted the walls almost black, I seriously thought that the paint was defective. It’s a long story but it wasn’t defective at all. I also ended up repainting that room (unnecessarily) . Be sure to subscribe at the top of this post so that you get my tips for working with dark paint colors once they’re published, that is if you like dark walls.

I wanted to tell you this week that the room was all painted and the furniture set up. What I can tell you is that I have purchased everything and it has arrived, and that my amazing husband is going to help me repaint the room this weekend with the correct paint.

So head on over to Calling It Home and see what progress the other participants have made HERE

6 thoughts on “Mid Century Inspired Teen Boys Room | One Room Challenge | Week 4

  1. Jess, you are doing an awesome job! my husband and I always “compromise” too when I have an idea for a project!! and I”m sorry about the paint problems 🙁

  2. Love the trim windows!! I’m sorry you’ve had complications but I’m definitely going to check out your dark paint tips when you do that. I can’t wait to see your progress next week!

  3. Trim makes all the difference! Looking good! Hope things are getting better around there for your boy and your hubby’s dental recovery! I’m completely intrigued about the dark paint tips now. Hmm. I will be reading!

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