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I am so pleased to be able to introduce to you White Cottage Art created by artist Elisabeth Neill. I stumbled upon her work on Instagram and I was taken by her original paintings.

She paints commissioned works of bridal and engagement photos where she uses a palette knife to create loose interpretations of the original photo. They are truly stunning and I believe that any new bride would be thrilled to have this keepsake, wouldn’t you agree?



Elisabeth has been gracious enough to answer a few questions for us about her art and creative process…


Elisabeth we were wondering when you first developed a desire to paint?

Growing up in a home where my Mom was an artist and my Dad creative, dabbling in a few projects himself, I believe creating and making runs in my veins. I remember as a little girl when we were not at school or tending to the needs of our home, like our chickens, gardens, the day to day chores, we would get out the crafts and create. I specifically remember getting to color my own pillowcase. My pillowcase was a picture of a rainbow and trees, full of life and color. My sisters and I would enter the towns coloring and drawing contest, I won a few too. After highschool I decided I would study art in college. I took two years of art just getting in some basic drawing classes.  After my husband and I were married I decided to enter a few craft markets with some things I made and this turned into an annual event. I have done many shows now, creating and making different items focusing primarily on home decor. I would paint snowmen or birds on barn wood and slate. I would make signs and really anything I could think of to sell. My desire to make and create breathes in me. The passion to take it to a different level, to encourage others and inspire others through painting came later. My painting, besides what I would see my mom doing as a child, is primarily self taught.

You mentioned that you were raised on a farm, how has this influenced your art?

About two and half years ago I was commissioned by a lady in the Ozarks in Missouri to paint a few cow paintings. Cows?! I was nervous about the request but excited as well. Having grown up in the country, our little home situated on ten acres of land was surrounded by neighbor’s cows. I have so many sweet and funny memories of the country. My sisters and I spent countless hours in the barns, some we had to sneak into, playing king of the mountain on the hay bales, roaming the fields, and finding some pretty neat places to play. We even named some of them after the show “The Brady Bunch.” There were days we would drive down our long country road to find cows that had escaped from the neighbor’s yard into our yard.  I am still fascinated by them when we take road trips and I find myself excited when I see them in the fields. The request came to paint these beloved creatures and I could not resist! I have painted various styles and people seem to love them.

The farm was a great place to grow up and as I paint cows, flowers, and barns it’s a special reminder of those days. I find many people have similar stories and can relate to what the paintings share.


Can you tell us how long that you have been painting?

I have painted small items here and there for many years but it was not until 2013 that I decided to take my painting to a new level. My dear Dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. My Dad and I were very close and this loss was hard on all of us. I needed something to fill my mind with joy and good memories.  I went out and got my supplies, sat down and began to paint. I posted a few paintings on Facebook and was then asked to paint for a small business.  Each painting was something new for me but I love the challenge. Shortly after the order for the small business was filled, the request for the cows came.  As I continue to paint I explore different styles and techniques. I plan to keep it this way! I love change. I recently have had some requests for engagement and wedding photos. I accepted the request and will hopefully have the opportunity to do more. I use mostly acrylics for my medium along with brushes and palette knives to create the paintings.

My heart’s desire is to encourage and inspire all who look at my art, for them to be drawn in and connected to the story each piece tells. I desire to tell stories for others on canvas as well and I am ready for a new challenge! 


Thank you for introducing yourself to us and we look forward to more of your beautiful work. 

You can find Elisabeth on Instagram @whitecottageart

…or by email


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