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Gentle-madness-homeworksWhen I see art I often wonder about who created it. What made them want to do it? Did they have training? Did they draw in bed like Juls of Gentle Madness? Fortunately for us, she has answered those questions and more!! Now when we look at this gorgeous mixed media creation, which she tells me is her favorite to do, we won’t have to wonder.

Juls has mastered so many styles of art. 

Like the next two examples of Stippling below, and colorful paintings full of life…


image imageimageSo Lets Get Started:

Can you tell us what started you on your artistic journey? 
Like so many school kids, I loved art  (and trips to the library). I think what set me apart from the others, is I’d return from class with paint Everywhere. #gifted  In my ears, hair, belly button, feet (no, I didn’t disrobe in class but it was in curious places nonetheless #truestory Still a mystery). It made bath time a ” how on earth did I get that there?” joy. I loved everything about art class. My teachers, the smells, the processes. Then in fourth grade, I was picked as the “assistant” to the backdrop artist, the little weasel Jack Parker for a school play. #burned That’s when I got serious #idontplaysecondfiddle. I didn’t realize until then that creating was part of my sense of self. Today if I’m not working on a piece, I’m involved with my husband (and sometimes we corral our daughter) in house DIY projects. And, yes, I still get paint Everywhere.  {Some names have been changed to protect the “innocent”}
Where do you draw inspiration for your pieces?
Hmmm, I honestly don’t know. I could say everywhere. Or more specifically, I’m drawn to what I consider beautiful (like Anne of Green Gables I feel a pang in my heart when I see it) and then I often want to create something.  Also Instagram has been a big boost to my creativity. There are phenomenally talented people on there with a staggering array of different ways they show their creativity. How can you not be inspired by authenticity no matter what form it takes? #thislittlelightofmine I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said, “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.” When I’m true to myself, no matter what that might be (and that can be quite surprising),  it lightens me and then I can work like crazy. The work I do is mostly nature based and right now  specifically avian: birds, nests, feathers. I lost my mom a few years back and she loved birds. Loved ’em. (We had to sit thru the now removed Tiki Bird attraction at Disney World soooo many times. Argh) But after she passed, that subject area became the thing that comes out most often and feels right to me.
How does having art in your life bring you joy?
Remember how they used to develop photographs (well I’m sure they still do, but now so much is digital)? You’d put a seemingly blank piece of paper into a chemical bath and it was like magic seeing the image emerge? That’s what it’s like for me. To see the whatever-it-is develop is a surprise and a delight every time. Well, not always a delight but even when the project is less than “successful” the process gives me back so much. On IG I started a hashtag #saynotocommercialart because good or bad or so-so, something real and not produced by the caseload is important. It has an energy and a presence that cannot be faked or duplicated. It doesn’t have to match the couch or be technically perfect to bring us joy. Art has the ability in and of itself to do just that. It’s magic.
Do you have a vision for your art?  
A vision, you ask? I walked away from all of it a few years ago. I felt defeated and lost. My work isn’t big or important. But it comes from love, love of the work, the subject matter, and the wonderful people who connect to it. The dream would be to find an audience that appreciates the quietness of the small moments I create (pencil, paint or collage). It may in time lead to selling on Etsy or a similar venue but for now I’m content with Instagram. And that’s something I’m incredibly grateful for. 
I’m sure that you will agree with me, I love Juls even more now that I know all her little secrets!
You can follow along with Juls on INSTAGRAM or contact her by email at

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