Forcing Branches To Bloom Indoors

Forcing Branches To Bloom IndoorsFlowering branches are so beautiful to me. Forcing the branches to bloom indoors was so exciting! When I snipped the branches from our Forest Pansy Redbud tree they just had a newly formed bud. 

Then 10 days later they were covered in blossoms. I loved seeing them get a little closer every day.

Forcing branches to bloom indoors

Forcing Branches To Bloom Indoors

Here’s What You Do:

  • Snip the branches when the buds first appear
  • Hit the ends of the stems with a hammer so that they will soak up more water
  • Put them in water and set them in a bright warm location
  • Enjoy the little changes each day until they bloom

It is seriously that easy. The warm temperature of the indoors tricks them into blossoming.

The other really great thing is that you get to enjoy the blossoms in succession. After the branches that you forced are spent, the tree should be blooming outside and you can enjoy it all over again!!
Forcing Branches To Bloom IndoorsI hope you try this because you will love it. I also hope that you will come back on Wednesday to see my Spring Home Tour and how I used these Redbud branches. Thank you so much for visiting!.

x Jessica

11 thoughts on “Forcing Branches To Bloom Indoors

  1. Wow Jessica!!! Your blossoms are just gorgeous! I never knew that you could do this! Will be giving it a go for sure!

    Thank you so much for sharing your blossom trick with us over at Waste Not Wednesday! 🙂

  2. Such a good idea ~bringing Spring inside!! These beautiful blossoms truly do brighten any room they’re put in and anyone’s mood just by looking at them!

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