Decorating With Vintage Baskets

Decorating-WIth-Vintage-BasketsI absolutely adore found vintage goods. So when a group of vintage loving bloggers asked me to join them I jumped on the offer. We are sharing how we use crocks, crates, baskets and trays in our homes. The links to their blogs are at the end of this post, you will love their homes. They’re amazing!! One of the vintage things that I collect and can’t pass up when I see them is baskets. I love, love, love them!!!! Even though these aren’t really old I love that I didn’t just go to a store to buy them, but I had the fun of gathering them from different tag sales over the years. Having a collected home takes time.

My favorite spot to use them is above my kitchen cabinets. Living in Southern California, earthquake country, baskets are the perfect choice to decorate above kitchen cabinets and even on open shelving. (those Pelligrino bottles are plastic)


It is the warm cozy feel of baskets combined with their practicality that make me love them so much. I try to keep it simple. My approach is less is more. I gave this lidded bamboo pot a chalky finish and paired it with that cute little blue pottery piece which I picked up at a yard sale. My boys chipped one side of it and so I turn it the other way. Things are meant to be used, and I still remember how much fun they were having that day playing with it and the look of shock as a big chunk fell off. Those are the best memories.

This handled basket on my open shelving is one of my favorites and it came from an estate sale.



IMG_2320Kitchen reveal

So when I can’t find exactly what I want in vintage I get the next best thing….something new that looks vintage.

Like this one from IKEA….


And these wire baskets from the Target dollar bin….


I also found that crock and little gray pot at yard sales. They hold my utensils and I love them for that.

IMG_2341Kitchen reveal Decorating-with=baskets

The pretty little blue bowl, also thrifted, holds the garlic and that is a very important job in my house. 😉


Where do you use baskets in your home? I’d love to hear!!

Thank you so much for visiting but before you go…..

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  1. Love all the baskets! Even the ones that are vintage inspired. Your kitchen is adorable, I love how you have cabinets but added open shelving. Thanks for joining us girlfriend. Would love to do this again with you in the future!

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