Rosemary Corn Off The Cob


rosemary-cornIt doesn’t matter how many times I cook corn on the cob. I always find myself asking… how long to boil corn? Do I take it out before it rolls or after??? I also find the corn silk all over my kitchen for days, my husband calls me Messy Jessy.  Now I just save myself all of that trouble and name calling and just make Rosemary Corn Off The Cob. This recipe is delicious and is such an easy side dish.  Bonus…. it is good for any season and inexpensive.  Read more

How To Chop Fresh Rosemary

how-to-chop-fresh-rosemaryIf you had to choose, what would it be? Fresh rosemary vs. dried?? I will choose fresh any day of the week. It is easy to grow and I love going out to the garden to pick a few sprigs.

Chopping fresh rosemary seems tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. I am going to show you how to cut rosemary the easy way. I could keep it to myself but where is the fun in that? Read more

Farm Fresh Orange and Avocado Salad


A few weeks ago I made a trip to my favorite local farmers market called The Grove. I wrote about that a few days ago, A Trip To The Farmers Market. Living in the citrus growing region of Southern California I am used to some delicious oranges. I came home with the best oranges that I have had in years, along with perfect avocados. I also scored a huge head of organic romaine lettuce and a fresh bunch of dill. This was the perfect combo for my favorite Orange and Avocado Salad with a Balsamic Honey Citrus Vinaigrette.  Read more

Chuck Roast with a Mushroom Reduction Sauce

chuck roast with mushroom reduction sacue-3

There was a restaurant that I loved. It was called The Farm, it used all locally sourced ingredients. They had concrete floors, their food was presented on plain white plates, it made for a true farm to table experience. We once ordered a pot roast but it was anything but basic. It was covered in a fabulous mushroom reduction sauce. So I went to recreating it, simply of course…. Read more