Starting Seeds In Eggshells


A creative way to recycle eggshells and start seeds in themI wanted to share this fun way to reuse eggshells by starting seeds in them. I originally saw this done by Joanna Gaines. Of course I wanted to try it. I love anything that is purposeful and organic.

The perfect thing about this is that you plant the whole eggshell so it doesn’t disrupt the roots and the shell provides the plant with calcium as it grows!!!!

I have yet to start a large organic garden but I have a little corner that I play with. If you are new to my blog, welcome and it makes me so happy that you are here!

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Bring The Outdoors In … Spring Home Love Tour

Bring the outdoors in | Spring home tour | ranunculasBringing the outdoors in and decorating my home with natural elements is my all time favorite way to change up the feel of my home for the new season. I have been really looking forward to giving my home some love this spring and sharing it with you here in our Spring Home Love tour. If you just came from Holli of Bees N Burlap then welcome! She styles the most beautiful vignettes and I love her creativity! Stick around to the end to tour the homes of all the bloggers and join us on INSTAGRAM and follow the hashtag #springhomelove —–Links at the end. Read more

Reasons to Choose a Sectional Sofa

Reasons To Choose A Sectional Sofa


Should I choose a sectional or a sofa? Will I regret buying a sectional? All good questions and I can’t wait to answer them! But first I have to tell you that when Julie of Redhead Can Decorate invited me to join her and some other fabulous bloggers to share my sofa all styled up you can’t imagine my excitement. I’m humbled to be in company with such talented ladies. You will find their links at the end (and you won’t want to miss them.) You came to hear about sofas, so let’s get to it!!  Read more