Adding Wood Feet to a Bathroom Vanity


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When we updated our bathroom I wanted to do something to make the vanity look like furniture. We added these wood feet from Lowe’s Shop this link

They were a little too wide for the depth of the toe kick recess. The fix was to add a piece of quarter round to the bottom of the cabinet face and trim a litte off the back side of the feet. We used a chop saw and held it with a clamp while cutting careful this isn’t the safest plan!! In the picture below you can see the quarter round added and how the foot was too wide. 2586


We had to adjust the height a little on a couple of the feet in the same way.

We painted them, removed the provided screw and then affixed them on the top and to the tile on the bottom with liquid nails. It was messy, there’s no way around that. Just wipe off the excess before it dries.

2587 builder-grade-bathroom-after

It only cost $30 dollars and an afternoon of work. It made such a huge difference!!!!

Here is the before….

bathroom 8

….and the after!!! Builder-grade-bathroom

8/2017 UPDATE: I recently added a few new accessories which gave this bathroom a new look (below) and I talked about my feelings on sharing my home.. HERE

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