Mod Teen Boys Room/One Room Challenge Week 1

one room challenge guest participantIf you are here from the One Room Challenge then welcome and if you have been here before thank you for sharing in this new adventure with me as I makeover my tween son’s room so that it is “cool.” I’m not exactly cool so this should be interesting. The criteria given to me is a cool desk, a cool color, a cool bed, no cutsie anything, nothing vintage…whaaat? I’ve got this!!! I might not be able to do the no vintage thing…but we shall see.
In case you’re not familiar with it, The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event hosted by Linda of Calling it Home and partnered with House Beautiful. They choose 20 designers and challenge them to makeover a space in 6 weeks. Then they graciously offer bloggers to be guest participants and that is just what I am doing. I appreciate the opportunity. Participants don’t win anything in case you were wondering, it is a chance to flex our design muscles and the time crunch really keeps me on track. This is round two for me. In the spring I took on my living room which I dubbed the Glamily Room. I still love it almost 5 months later.

A Moody Fall Home Tour woth pomegranates and black and white buffalo check pillow

To be honest if I hadn’t been blogging about it, I probably wouldn’t have made such a bold choice, but I’m so happy that I did. It also MADE us finish. We tend to procrastinate! I just got around to painting the dining room which was part of the original plan, it only took us 4 months to get to it. Ugh!

A Moody Fall Home Tour with pomegranates and black and white buffalo check

So I’m happy to have this push and my son is so excited which makes it all worth it!!! His room is in bad shape. The walls need to be painted, the shade is broken, the door needs to be replaced, he outgrew his desk and so on and so on. He wants to be involved in planning it and it turns out that he has opinions. So funny!! It can’t have a theme and as we established it has to be “cool.”

Next week I will share the before pics of his little 12×10 room and my plan. But for now here are some pictures that are inspiring us…even though he picked everyone of them apart. Hilarious.

Transitional Bedroom
Wapping E1W: Stylish Wharf Flat
teen boy
Ashburton Teen Bedroom
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4 thoughts on “Mod Teen Boys Room/One Room Challenge Week 1

  1. Jessica, I am so excited you are joining in again! I totally understand about the procrastination problem and how the ORC forces you to finish things, we are EXACTLY the same way! I work better when I have a deadline that I feel accountable for. I love your inspiration images and I think it’s so great that your boy has opinions about how he wants his room to look! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂 Kari

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