Decorating With Vintage Baskets

Decorating-WIth-Vintage-BasketsI absolutely adore found vintage goods. So when a group of vintage loving bloggers asked me to join them I jumped on the offer. We are sharing how we use crocks, crates, baskets and trays in our homes. The links to their blogs are at the end of this post, you will love their homes. They’re amazing!!¬†One of the vintage things that I collect and can’t pass up when I see them is baskets. I love, love, love them!!!! Even though these aren’t really old I love that I didn’t just go to a store to buy them, but I had the fun of gathering them from different tag sales over the years. Having a collected home takes time. Read more

Repurpose a Light Fixture into a Succulent Terrarium


When Kendra from Joy In Our Home asked me to share a second hand item that I fixed up I was first of all thrilled to be part of a such a talented group of 19 bloggers. The links to their makeovers are at the end of this post. I also knew exactly what I wanted to share. My repurposed light fixture terrarium where I grow succulents with absolutely no soil or water!! It was a trick that I discovered when I decorated a party with succulents. I just clipped the succulent buds and set them on a bed of moss in an urn thinking that it would just look nice for the party. I still have the display and it has been 5 months. They have grown over 2 inches and have never had a drop of water and no soil. So I did it again here in my terrarium and it worked perfectly!!

This is what I started with…….. Read more

Dropcloth to Tablecloth

spring home refresh 4

Have you heard all the buzz in the DIY land about using dropcloths as an inexpensive alternative to linen? Well there is a reason and it is because they really do have the look of tumbled linen or vintage grainsack. I use them as tablecloths and I love the casual laid back feel they bring to my table. You just need to do one thing first……. Read more